artist statement

My theme is man and his incapacity and me being a woman in this world. I am looking for the fringes of life; those I find interesting. It’s a fascination for the peculiarities of the human body and mind.

I research the covering of the body and the skin in different manners by means of media such as video, photoworks and collages. Covering has different meanings for me, it says something about cultural identity, but also about covering up matters.
The use of materials out of daily life, and their meanings, is important to me with all the works I make. By taking the material out of its context and rearranging it, it receives a different meaning. Material on the body can give new meanings to the material but also to the body.

I often use the body as raw material to induce emotions, ideas, desires and fears. A lot of the work is related to skin or meant as skin.
I am not looking for perfection, but I look for the beauty in the imperfection: to attract and repulse…

The starting-point of the art-projects are socially engaged to the subject matter. The subject stems always from a personal interest which is investigated in an anthropological manner. The projects are site-specific and the information and the input of all people involved is the source from which an artwork is realized, revealing the subject inside out.